Social work for sex workers

If you are a sex worker and need help or advice, MO Den Bosch’s social workers and experts by experience are here for you!

Please also contact us if you do not yet know what help you need or just want to talk to someone. We will figure out what you need together; your wishes are key. We are here for you! We offer a diverse range of services tailored to your questions. Together, we will find the best solution for you.

Contact us by phone, WhatsApp or chat. Talking about your problem can help you figure out what you want and what your options are.

We help you with:

Money problems
Are you in debt, do you need help with your administration, or are you struggling to make ends meet? Do you need an accountant or have questions about insurance or the Tax and Customs Administration? We will go over your situation with you and help you get started

Are you interested in finding other work but are not sure exactly how to go about it or what to do? We will explore your dreams and goals to develop a plan to switch jobs. We can also consider training courses or offer support in applying for a job.

Are you or have you been involved with a loverboy, human trafficking or coercion? We will help you get out of the situation and provide the guidance you need. Do not think that it is impossible to get out. We can also help you get in touch with the police, the IND or a lawyer.

Psychological problems
We can support you if you feel lonely, or if you have mental health problems or substance abuse problems. We collaborate with GGZ (Dutch mental healthcare provider) and other regional organisations specialised in these matters.

Do you have concerns about your health or physical symptoms? We are happy to help you get good healthcare. We can help you make an appointment with a GP or the GGD for an STI test

If you have a question that is not answered here, call, app or chat with us and we will do our best to provide an answer or solution.

Our social workers for sex work are Kaitana: +31 610770386 of Bo: +31 682467153. They are available by phone or app.

Contact us on WhatsApp

Our expert by experience is Bonnie (+31 6 232 522 36). She is also available by phone or app.
You can also contact us anonymously if you like.

We offer our help for free.

You may have received an SMS from us. We regularly visit adult websites to send messages to people who post ads on these websites. We want you to know that we are here for you! If you would rather not receive messages from us, let us know in your reply and we won’t send you any more messages.

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Useful links
There is already a lot of information available nationally about what you need to consider if you want to start sex work, but also if you want to stop. You can find more information on the pages below. You can also always contact us for more information.